Other Experiments

  • Photosensitive
  • Light Leaks
  • Wedge Display
  • Lickable Display
  • Electrowetting Display
  • Desconstructed LCD
  • Colloidal Bubble Display
  • Parallel Reality Display
  • Phases Mirror Display
  • Robotics and Displays

Photosensitive Display

Harvey Moon of MBLabs created Persistence, a piece that uses an array of ultraviolet LED's on a radial arm to draw things on a "glow in the dark" canvas. There is some similar work with Lasers on the laser projector section.

Light Leaks

Using standard projectors, an array of mirror balls, a lot of math, and a map of the space, Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan created this piece to create spatialized visuals.

Wedge Display

The CamFPD Wedge Display - No updates or news since 2004. Seems to be a similar principle to waveguide displays used for AR headsets by "projecting" light on a flat plane.
CamFPD Wedge

Lickable Display

A researcher has combined a traditional display with an aerosol dispenser to spray a screen with different flavors that can be licked by a user to be able to taste what is on screen. The project is called Taste the TV by researcher Homei Miyashita
Homei Miyashita's Lickable Display

Liquavista Electrowetting Displays

These displays promised an alternative to E-Ink but with a faster refresh rate but never made it to market. You can read more about them here.

Deconstructed LCD

Colloidal Bubble Display

This experiment involves using a special coilloidal solution and an ultrasonic speaker that can be used to "tune" the transparency and reflectiveness of a bubble when light is projected on it.

Parallel Reality Display

The company Misapplied Sciences has developed a concept of a Parallel Reality Display that promises the ability to display different pixels to different viewers (in very simplified terms).

These pixels can simultaneously project up to millions of light rays of different colors and brightness. Each ray can then be software-directed to a specific person.

Below is a demonstration of what 12 different viewpoints could look like to different viewers from a single display.
Misapplied Sciences Parallel Reality Display

Phases by AV&C

This piece really strays between lighting element and display for me, but I think it's worth mentioning. It uses an array of mirrors and lights to create controlled reflections around the space - Phases by Vincent Houze and AV&C
Phases by Vincent Houze and AV&C

Robotics and Displays

There are a few examples out there of displays on robot arms and moving displays. I'd say these are a little different from the mechanical displays in the other section since this is about moving whole units of a display versus moving individual pixel elements.
Dotdotdash for Adidas and Prada
And while the below project from Bot and Dolly is really a projection mapping example, it really needs to be mentioned in this category.
Box by Bot and Dolly